Quiet Period Flats in Weitlingkiez Neighbourhood

Close to the “Lichtenberg” rapid-transit station, you will find quiet side streets with well-appointed residential buildings and a dense stock of trees. This is the location of Irenenstrasse, a street lined with period buildings, all of which are very well preserved. The multi-family dwelling at Irenenstrasse 15 from 1907 has the character of its day and age, and blends seamlessly into the closed façade line. Even the entranceway is striking with its arch. It admits you to a four-storey complex that consists of a front building, a side building annexed to it, and a leafy inner courtyard. The property is a sanctuary from noisy city life while being right in the middle of it.

Among the highlights of this charming Berlin period building are south-facing bay windows and balconies on the upper floors for the sunny time of year. The large windows, typical for this kind of building, admit plenty of daylight into the rooms, creating a bright and warm atmosphere inside. The stairwell of the well-appointed building still features elements of a typical Berlin period building, such as original wooden hand railings and coloured wall tiles.

The residential building, let on good terms, divides into flats of 1 to 5 bedrooms and about 35 to 112 square metres. Many of the well-preserved and well-laid-out flats still have the original board floors and plaster ornaments. Most of the bathrooms, which get natural light, are equipped with bathtubs, and are tiled, while a few come with shower only. The bright, spacious kitchens leave ample space for a dining area in addition to the fitted kitchenettes. The pantries annexed to the kitchens provide extra storage space in many of the flats.

In short, Irenenstrasse 15 offers period building charm in a quiet residential area in Lichtenberg. More and more people have come to appreciate the benefits of living here in the Weitlingkiez neighbourhood. As a result, the age average of the local residents has steadily declined in recent years while the number of residents has gone up. With hardly anyone taking notice, the population is growing and with it the need for housing. Take advantage of this development!

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